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St. Marie’s Hospice of Detroit, Michigan

Through a team of doctors, registered nurses, and other caretakers, St. Marie’s Hospice works to provide support and comfort to our patients and their families. This support often takes the form of an individualized plan that may include one of many different services that are administered by our staff and volunteers.

Hospice care is the foundation of our organization, and we are committed to helping everyone we can. Our services are designed to improve quality of life and diminish any anxiety or physical pain that our patients may be experiencing. As our mission states: To restore honor, dignity and respect to end of life services.

We continue to support families and spouses of our patients through the grieving process. Several kinds of support are available, including assistance with creating memorials, written resources and support groups. Learn more about our bereavement support services, here.

To find out more about St. Marie’s history or mission, please take a moment to look at this information about us. We are ready to help. Learn more or begin talking about beginning care by using the contact information found here.

How We Provide Hospice in Michigan

We care for our patients wherever they live within the tri-county area. Our first focus is on helping our patients remain independent and comfortable for as long as possible.

St. Marie’s is a freestanding care agency, and has a contract with hospitals. However, most of our services are administered in the patient’s home, wherever they may be. Our independence is what allows us to provide customized, appropriate medical care plans. These personalized plans may include everything from palliative care, physical therapy and medication, to spiritual support and even musical therapy. Learn more about our Hospice services, here.

Get in Touch with Us About Hospice Care or Counseling

Find answers to common questions about our care by checking out the information covered in our FAQs. For any other questions, or to talk to in-person about beginning care, please use the contact information here.

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